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Project Summary:

The Lulus’ Project is a labor of love created by its founder Michelle at 14 years of age.
  Her focus on assisting pet owners finding their lost pets and her love for pets that have been dumped or abandoned on the side of rural roads, which serve as zones of danger with traffic and natural wildlife. 

Lulu is a Labrador that was abandoned and with endless efforts to locate her original human parents that was never located.  She was found hungry, without a collar, tags or any identification.  Since all efforts failed in locating her human parents it was important for the pet owners to have a resource in locating their lost family pet. 

This project serves the Jim Wells County, Texas area.  While we wish to have the funds and capabilities to return every lost pet to their owners; we are not able to do so.  Currently we do not take in animals or provide spay/neuter assistance.

In 2012, over 85 dogs and cats have assisted under the Lulus'Project by providing referrals, vaccinations clinics, pet adoptions and and countless people have benefited with pet ownership education.

Mission Statement:

Lulu’s Project is committed to providing responsible pet education to pet owners; to assist with the return of lost or found pets to their owners; and to educate the public on the prevention of animal cruelty and the elimination of animal dumping in Jim Wells County, Texas. 


We are non-paid volunteers, we have no physical facilities address.  Our mailing address is Post Office Box 681, Ben Bolt, TX  78342. 

Lulus’ Project office is located on private property in Jim Wells County, Texas which can only be reached via email at 

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